Movie Focus #1: Hop

February 24, 2011

So, I just watched Despicable Me after picking it up on Blu-ray (Triple Play, BTW). Loved it. Loved it just as much as I did seeing it for the first time at the Majestic. Inside the case was a promotional leaflet on whose front was the teaser poster (not full-sized, thankfully) for Illumination Entertainment’s next big picture, Hop, out April 1. The teaser trailer was also included as a preview. Now, I had prior knowledge of the movie, but it was nice to see it again so I hit up YouTube and found that the full trailer has been posted. So I, your humble yellow mage, have included it here for your enjoyment.

More Russell Brand is always a good thing. Sure, he may not have the raw sexual magnetism of Nick Frost, but he’s goof in his own right.

Hmm, interesting tidbit I couldn’t help but pick up on here: “4,000 years of tradition…”. According to christianity, Jesus (assuming he actually existed) was born 2011 years ago. This clearly means that Easter has existed since at least 1989BC, long before it was associated with “the resurrection”. The fact that Jesus (again, assuming he did, in fact, exist) came back to life (another huge leap of faith (heh)) at around the same time was a complete and utter coincidence but his followers, in a move that would come to be a staple of their entire organization, decided to twist it to their own ends, using it to further their cause of intolerance and uniformity.

In short: Easter is, always has been and always will be about confectionary and cute, fluffy rabbits and chicks! You know, things that actually exist. Thank you and goodnight!


Rant #2: Blu-ray

November 16, 2010

As many of you probably know (and if not, you do now!), I am passionate about proper spelling and grammar. I am also passionate about Blu-ray.



What, may I ask, about those seven characters, is so hard to get right? Allow me to sum my advice on this issue in three simple points:

There is no “e” in “Blu”
There is a hyphen (-)
The “r” in “ray” is lower case
In conclusion: again, how is that so difficult for you people!?

For those of you who don’t know, I have a bus pass. As such, I always take the bus into town (not that I have much choice, seeing as I can’t drive yet), and because of where I live, I share the ride with many elderly folk. Now the ride into town isn’t the problem; that lies in the return journey. Now I’m in no way ageist, but the one thing that infuriates me more than almost anything else is that old people seem to be able to see all these invisible bus stops along the road that I can’t. This wouldn’t be so bad if said stops weren’t scant yards from actual bus stops! You hear all the time about how the elderly want to cling onto as much independence as possible. Well, if that truly is the case, then they should stop being so dependent on the buses stopping wherever the hell they please!! (See whut I did thar?)

Even more pressed for time today, so just a quickie (I’ll make up for it later):

Dissidia: Destiny Odysseys II, IV and VII 100% complete, next up is X.

FFTA: Marche has “learned” the following abilities:

Soldier: First Aid, Mug, Speedbreak, Magicbreak, Mindbreak
Thief: Steal: Gil, Steal: EXP, Steal: JP, Steal: Weapon, Steal: Armour, Steal: Shield, Steal: Helm
Black Mage: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Blizzara
White Mage: Cure, Esuna, Shell
Archer: Boost, Blackout, Aim: Arm, Aim: Legs, Take Aim

Wow, two posts in as many days! I won’t go into the disputable believability factor because I’ve already done so more than once Anyway:

Dissidia‘s going well. Completed Destiny Odysseys II, IV and VII. Trying to get 100% on II before doing so for the others. That 98% taunts me with it’s incompleteness. …PLUS TWO, DAMN YOU!!

FFTA‘s going better: Marche’s mastered Steal: Ability, and Montblanc’s in the process of the same. And Marche used his first Thief A-ability to steal another: Steal: Weapon! Truly, my clan is ready to hold the entirety of Dream Ivalice hostage for their weapons and abilities! MWAHAHAHA~~!!! *ahem* It’s for a noble cause, really!</halo, angelic choir>

Yep, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, huh? And if you’re thinking that I selflessly ceased my gaming until I could document it here, while the thought is much appreciated, I have done much gaming in the meantime. But I pledge here and now to up my rate of game progress reporting! But, as you’ve heard me say before, I won’t blame you if you don’t believe me. Anyway, lets get to the heart of the matter.

Despite saying that, due to my rather large game collection, I wouldn’t buy any new games until I finish the ones I already have, certain games are exempt from this rule. Dissidia: Final Fantasy is one such game. Since beginning the game described in the simplest terms as “Final Fantasy meets Super Smash Bros.“, I have levelled Firion (Team Cosmos’ FFII representative and my main hero) to Lv. 100 using a more-than-little known method known as the “Exdeath trick“. I’m in the process of doing the same for Cloud (overrated as he is (and not that I hate FFVII, far from it)) (damn Lv. 23 Imaginary Champion…) and will next do so with Mateus (a.k.a. “The Emperor”) (Team Chaos’ FFII representative and my main villain). I’ve completed Destiny Odysseys II, IV and VII (none 100%…yet) and that’s about it. …Oh, yeah! Stating the obvious, but the game. Is. AWESOME!!!

Next: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I’ve started over again, and already got the Cinquedea thanks to what I’m calling the Recruitment trick (there doesn’t seem to be an “official” name).

I’m a bit pressed for time right now, so I’ll elaborate next time. See ya then!

*sniff* I…I-I can’t talk right now… I can barely even blog… *sob*


Hey, I’m back again. The reason I’ve been gone so long this time? I’m gonna go with extended delirium due to my unbelieveably good fortune with Final Fantasy IV Advance!

After a long-(insert Dr. Cox extension dance mix here) time I finally got an Artemis Bow!!! I think I passed out from the shock. And things only got better from there: I obtained all the rare weapons (Gorgon Blade, Rod of Lilith, Rune Staff, etc.) and maxed out my party in the meantime! That’s right, all Lv. 99 with maximum EXP! Zeromus went down like a bowling ball through a pile of feathers (including the funny noise)</remembering “infomercial” for the Sobokawa Pillow from TV shopping channel #1473>.  As did the monsters guarding the other characters’ weapons in the Cave of Trials. And now all trials in the Lunar Ruins are open, to be taken on another time.

And I am still missing Rydia’s four secret summons and Pink Tails for the Adamant Armour, but after all it took for me to get one Artemis Bow, do I really want to repeat that experience 14 times over and run the risk of a fatal aneurysm? Nope, didn’t think so.

Anyway, onto more recent news. I have restarted Sword of Mana, and have been having quite a time with it. I completed the game through Hero’s storyline to see the ending (the final boss fight was really something!), but had saved outside the Ruined Passage so I can still do what I’m missing (namely: filling out the bestiary in Popoi’s Notebook, getting to Lv. 99 and getting all-Crystal equipment, for which I have to start slaughtering many monsters to replace them with their Black counterparts which drop Crystal at a rate of 2% (though they drop chests quite often, and even if they didn’t it’s still better than a 0.4% drop rate for…certain items from a previously-mentioned game).

Anyway, that’s Hero’s storyline. As for Heroine’s (or Aerith’s, as names are limited to six characters) storyline, I’m not quite as far. I’m at Granz Castle, weapon-grinding (that is, increasing the proficiency levels of my weapons) to Lv. 15, which I’ve already done with the spirits. Weapon-grinding is harder, what with a mage not being suited to close combat, especially when your enemies jab a spear into your gut every time you try for a three-hit combo. Just a little more and I’ll be ready for Stroud–I mean, Dark Lord.

Oh, and there’s a reason I’ve been spending so much recent time with Sword of Mana. You’ll find out in a bit, so come back soon, ‘K?

Yep,  I realize this is a bit late, but Merry Christmas (and/or Happy [insert alternate celebration here]) and a Happy New Year. Here’s to the prospect of a more frequently updated blog!

Well, here I am again! …Four posts? Wow, this is the most number of posts I’ve made on an attempted blog before abandoning it! Not that I’m gonna abandon this one. Because this isn’t an attempt. This is the real deal! Promise! ^_^ Now, down to business:

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

It’s done… I finally did it. Last night, I, as Rydia, collected all the (new) artefacts from the Goblin Wall. Including the Dark Matter, which was just a bonus, but one that brings the Magic stat of Rydia and Vivi (he got one too) to 32! Highest Magic stat so far! …But my Yukes should still be shame-faced, as their Defence and even their Strength stats surpass it. Same story for mah Lilties, whose Defence surpasses their Strength. But that can, and will, change.

Anyway, Goblin Wall is done. And I am never going back there again! …Well, maybe once or twice to see the changes in the second and third cycles. But any new artefacts, I’ll pick up in other dungeons. Speaking of other dungeons, next stop: Moschet Manor.
And for anyone wondering about Final Fantasy IV Advance, I’ve kinda hit a mythril wall with it. The GBA Action Replay I won off eBay was all well and good…until I found that the codes I got were for GameShark! (for those of you who don’t know, GameShark is technically the American equivalent to Action Replay). So I guess it’s back to eBay. In the meantime, I’ve re-taken up Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. But this is purely a placeholder playthrough, so I won’t be writing about it here.

More next time, including a new game added to the Gaming Updates, and a whole new series of posts dedicated to my favourite singer! You’ll never guess who it is!